Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wonderful trip in Cleland Wildlife Park and Flinders Ranges

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Cleland Wildlife Park

Just twenty minutes from the Adelaide city centre, you can explore some of South Australia's diverse landscapes and meet some of their inhabitants.The Wildlife Park showcases some of South Australia's most unique and spectacular environments and the wildlife that have made these regions their home. Many of Cleland's animals are free to roam the open spaces of the park. Wander amongst kangaroos, emus, wallabies, and birds, and get a real 'feel' for the wildlife. The animals are quite accustomed to people, allowing you to pat and feed them. The trails throughout the park take you through various habitats.

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Taking time to experience the life and colour of the Australian bush in the surrounding Cleland Conservation Park is also extremely rewarding. The walking trails lead you deep into the Conservation Park where you can enjoy the whistles and calls of a variety of native birds, admire the colourful wildflowers and discover an abundance of wildlife.

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Flinders Rangers

The Flinders Ranges provide an emotionally uplifting and tranquil travel destination.

The vast Flinders Ranges can be divided into three distinct regions - each offering you a holiday where you can explore a majestic and ancient land.

If you're driving from Adelaide, you'll reach the Southern Flinders Ranges first. Stretch your legs and get close to nature on the area's walking and cycling trails, which traverse through spectacular scenery. Climb to the  peak of Mount Remarkable, trek through Wirrabara and Bundaleer forests, or discover the homegrown flavours of the region on the Southern Flinders flavours trail. Don't miss the local ice cream!

In the Central Flinders Ranges, go to bush picnic races at Beltana and Blinman, delve into caves and gorges and see the awesome amphitheatre that is Wilpena Pound.

And don't miss the Northern Flinders Ranges, where you'll really feel that you're beginning to get into the Outback. See rugged peaks, starry skies and kangaroos bounding over red earth. Head to Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary for challenging 4WD tracks and the astronomical observatory there.

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